Do you love yourself?

Shruti Koundinya

With Valentine’s season coming to a close, the past few weeks were swarmed with the concept of ‘Love’. Not only on our feeds, but in our conversations and minds. We witnessed multiple people expressing their love for their significant others, family, friends, pets and of course, food.

We saw many different takes on the topic itself. How it’s the only goal in life, how it’s something to aspire for, or how it’s merely a chemical reaction in our brains.

People in relationships were seen doting on their partners while others doted on their friends and loved ones.

But this got me thinking, how often do we dote on ourselves?

The concept of self-love often triggers mainstream imagery of reading self-help books, being a regular at the gym or smiling at the breeze rustling in the trees. But what does it truly mean to love ourselves? And do we do it right?

To silence my curiosity, this time I chose to turn to my friends instead of google. Mainly to avoid the same mainstream imagery and lists of how to start loving yourself. But, what I discovered was sadly not surprising at all.

“What are some things you would change about yourself?”:

-“I think I’m too optimistic and I want to be more realistic. I also wish I was more adventurous and outgoing. I want to be more vocal and assertive. And I want to have a snatched waist.”

“Okay, what do you love about yourself?”:

-“Dude, chill.”

Most of my conversations kind of went the same way.


Why is it that it is so easy for us to point out the negatives within us and think of all the things we want to change about ourselves? And why is it so difficult to think of just one thing, that we truly, undoubtedly and unconditionally love about ourselves?

I decided to look inwards to, hopefully, find a few answers; and I realised, I don’t know what I love about myself either.

I mean, I do love myself, but why? What about myself do I love so much? Do I even really love myself, or do I just think I do because I’m supposed to? And if I do, do I show it?