A Love Letter to My Muse:

Spoorthi Giridhar

 Writing love letters has always been a task of joy and pleasure

And there have been lovers in the past who’d receive this written treasure

Some were tear-stained, some written with herculean restrain

But nonetheless, these letters of love had been written in a heartbeat


However it wasn’t easy writing to you, for I had to stand accountable for far too many of the wars I had plotted against you

All without a cause worth fighting for, and all that attacked you like a thunderstorm

But if there is one thing I’d like to leave you with, it is that I am grateful for your love

The love you showered me with when I pushed you away

The love you comforted me with when no one else would

The love you so selflessly gave to me, the love I took and never said thank you for

Your love healed the wounds that were self-inflicted, and bandaged the ones I chose to ignore


And all you were met with was anger, undirected and unjustified

Fiery flames of pain and heartbreak that decorated a double-edged sword

One that destroyed both of us simultaneously

But I believe it brought us closer, 

Selves of our past and future intertwined to create the perfect present

An omnipresent being with strength and direction, fuelled by love and consideration


Now, writing to you is a task of leisure

The words that ink the paper no longer drip with venom

They are a beacon of support, that comfort and soothe

These are the letters I pick up on rainy days, when my heart is tired and my mind even more so

These are the letters that wrap a blanket of love around my trembling frame and remind me that everything will be okay

Reading love letters have always been a joy and pleasure,

Especially when I see that the author is me and no other.