Letter to my past self:

Ananya Zharotia

Dear Ananya,


Where do I begin? So much has changed since I was where you are. You’ve grown into a person you never expected to be but a person you’d be proud of. You’ve lost a lot of people. But when you lost them, you found yourself, found who you are meant to be. I know at the place you are right now, things don’t seem quite clear, life is hard. Life is confusing too. I know that more often than not, things have been unclear- your purpose, where you want togo. 


All I can say is that things get better.


You’d be surprised to hear it, but you’ve developed patience. You’ve developed skills, judgement, a moral compass, a conscience that you listen to. Above all you have developed a will power that no one can break down. You’re now more confident, wiser, smarter. As you’ve grown over the past few years, you developed your own meaning of life, you know what really matters and you try really hard to focus on that. 


There have been bad days, bad years. But it will pass. I know that you don’t want to suffer, I know that you don’t want to feel discomfort like you will over the next few years. But it passes, things get better. Things will always get better not because of time, but because of you. I know that where you are right now, a few years ago your philosophy of life was that “time heals all wounds” but it would be wrong to not give you credit for that.


Time didn’t make things better for you, you did. Your perseverance, determination, sheer will power and goal to not give up was the reason you got through everything you did to become the person you are meant to be.

For that I thank you, I thank you for every single day you have given me because even though you can’t believe it, life can be wonderful. Life is wonderful, it's beautiful and I know that in a few years you will see that too. 


I know that you have downs and you think you can never rise up from but you have it in you, the strength is in you to fight back.


So, whatever you do, don’t give up. Whatever comes to you, even when you’re at your weakest you still have the strength to make it better for yourself. 

The truth is that you saved me, you saved our future. You have worked so hard and it is all thanks to you that I am where I am today. You saved me from a life of misery, unhappiness, and all things negative. 


There will be ups and downs everyday but you will always have the strength to make your life better. So, hold on. Fight for yourself and your happiness and never look back. 


Thank you for everything.  


See you in time and with love,