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Your Road to Perseverance: A Guide to Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Ananya Zharotia

None of us are strangers to running from our problems. Why shouldn’t we run from our problems till we think they’re gone? What other things can we do to deal with these in a healthy manner? How will this help us? Let us break it down to the basics.

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The Alarming Side Effects of a Global Pandemic

Rishima Ganguly

To what extent has self-isolation taken a toll on our mental health, consciously or subconsciously? How have the drastic changes in our social structure affected our well being? What is the root of the mass hysteria and panic we see around us daily? Join me, as we explore the rollercoaster of emotions the youth is experiencing right now and break down healthy ways to deal with such feelings.

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UNLOCKING YOURSELF - Your Relationship With Yourself

Mihika Kumar

Why is a healthy relationship with yourself so important? Giving yourself respect and love is not selfish. It’s not easy - it's quite a long journey, actually - but it is so worth it. It could change your life for the better. Here’s why.

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The In’s & Out’s of Internalisation

Nydile Mohan

Expression is an integral building block of being human. Communicating your thoughts and feelings to others is common practice, but how do you articulate such ideas to yourself? What does internalisation involve? Let us explore what it means for you.