Meet the Team

Meet our amazing team behind the Articles, Podcasts, Social Media posts and this amazing website.


Arushi Menon

Hi! I’m Arushi, a founder of Project Kara. I look forward to expanding our Kara community!

Kaavya Mundkur

Hey, I'm Kaavya, a founder of Project Kara who loves making horrible puns. I really hope that this project helps improve the way we treat and handle mental health in India.


Nydile Mohan

Head of Writing

Hi! I’m Nydile Mohan, a member of Kara’s Content Writing team. While I’m procrastinating, I like to binge true crime/paranormal investigation shows - a bold move for a complete coward! I’m also usually trying to convince people I’m funny. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Mihika Kumar

Hi! I'm Mihika, a writer at Project Kara. I don't think anyone can be captured in just a few lines, including myself- but what I can tell you about myself is that I believe everyone has a story, a purpose and can achieve all of their dreams. I hope my stories can help you understand your worth, and that you are not alone.

Rishima Ganguly

Hey! My name's Rishima and I'm a writer for Kara. I love to dance, read YA novels and play guitar. My other big passion is to write, be it poetry, short stories or articles. I've had a lot of experiences where I'd wished that I'd had a platform to go to where I could feel like I wasn't going through it alone and this website does just that!

Shruti Koundinya

Hi! I'm Shruti Koundinya. I've always been passionate about writing and I'm looking forward to using it to touch base on important issues that aren't talked about enough. I'm glad to be part of the Kara content writing team!

Ananya Zharotia

I’m Ananya. I love to read, write, help people and to understand them. I’ve always believed that mental health holds great importance. By writing for Kara I’d like to make people feel less alone and more positive.


Advita Singh

Head of Podcast

Hi! My name is Advita and I’m 16. I love art, painting, music, cinema, and I’m really passionate about the environment and other social causes. I’m on the podcast team at Kara!

Pehal Kothari

The best words to describe me would be chirpy, caring and hardworking.
I'm extremely passionate about women's rights and psychology and hope to graduate from Stanford University. I'm always ALWAYS up for a conversation about literalllyy anything under the sky, and above it! I love watching Romcoms and hope to have a life like one xD
Oh, and I really hate chocolate:)

Aayush Manapat

Hey! I'm Aayush, but everyone calls me Manapat. I'm passionate about history, law, and politics, and you can usually find me in a Wikipedia rabbit hole about the same. I love doing MUN and public speaking and find that I can express myself better through speaking than with the written word - that's why the podcast is where I want to focus my efforts on.

Aayushi Minochaa

Hi, I'm Aayushi. Coffee and cotton candy skies are my coping mechanisms. I also love people that cut to the chase, hence I'm on the podcast team with these genuine, talented and straightforward people.

Sahana Athreya

I like to think that I’m a seventy-year-old trapped in the body of a seventeen-year-old. I adore cats, I love telling stories (that's why I'm on the podcast team), I thrive on green tea, and I can often be found curled up on my couch with a ball of yarn and a needle.

Akanksha Velath

Hi everyone! I'm Akanksha and I'm part of the podcast team. Apart from being a complete bookworm, I love dancing, debating, listening to good music and of course.. Food! I'm super excited to bring fun and insightful episodes for all of you to tune into!

Tavishi Nidadhavolu

Hey I’m Tavi! I’m currently in Grade 11 at Inventure Academy and a part of Project Kara’s podcast team. I’m extremely passionate about music, writing and helping others. I strongly believe everyone has a voice, and no one’s should go unheard, and I hope to be able to give each and everyone of you a voice through our platform :)

Anvita Vishwanath

Hi, I’m Anvita! I absolutely adore music, books, and coffee. I have an uncontrollable urge to pet every dog I see, I love binge watching dramas, and enjoy exchanging stories - hence, the podcast.

Zaina Safaraz

Art and poetry, thundering skies and chestnut horses soothe my soul.
Hey, my name is Zaina Sarfaraz.
I’ve always been passionate about psychology and mental health of the youth, and think it’s essential to have raw conversations - which is why I’m on the podcast team.

Graphics and Web Design

Varun Satish

Head of Graphics and Web Design

Hey I’m Varun! If you don’t find me procrastinating, you can find me geeking out about physics, chemistry and just anything related to science. I love climbing even though I don’t look like it and I like to bake to while the time away.

Neha Kanive

My name is Neha Kanive, and I like drawing, studying obscure things, and dogs. My dream is to draw comics for a living and do very cool things.

Samika Sivaraman

Hey, I'm Samika. I love to procrastinate, and often do so by drawing, yelling, or petting cats. When I'm not crying over unfinished artwork, I can be found reading or watching movies - I always enjoy a good story.

Social Media

Kabir Burman

Head of Social Media

Hey, I’m Kabir, head of design for our social media. From Politics to Law, Travelling to Arts, Journalism and International Relations; I’m up for it all- as long as there are snacks of course!

Lavanya Ranjan

A girl who loves anything that tells a story.

Anoushka Mishra

Hi! My name is Anoushka and I’m an 11th grader at Greenwood High, Bangalore.
I joined project kara because I feel like in a country like India mental health isn’t given as much attention as it requires, and I believe this platform is a great initiative for the same.

Diya Giri

Hi! I'm Diya. I love horse-riding and photography and I hope to be a professional dancer one day. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, I'm always open to nerd out on books and movies. Love being part of the Kara socials ream :)

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